Unit 2: Assignment 1 - Role of marketing in organizations - case study

Unit 2 Assignment 1 – Role of Marketing in Organizations – A Case Study

The purpose of Unit 2: The Role of Marketing in an Organization is to make students learn and understand the basic and important principles of marketing. Also, the unit teaches different strategies to implement those principles in the real world. The unit provides excellent knowledge about customers’ needs and wants, and their behaviour toward specific products.

The topic aims to make students understand how marketing influences people. A stronger marketing strategy will build a stronger influence of products and services on people’s minds.

Role of Marketing in an Organization

So, this blog is not just related to the assistance of your assignment but it will also help you learn about how 7Ps and principles help to grow businesses. Also, it will help you learn how marketing is affiliated with different units in an organization. So let’s dive into these important details of marketing.

Marketing is an important part of any business. In simple words, marketing is a fruitful process; once done rightly, now you just have to sit back and enjoy the reward. The success of an organization is dependent on marketing. It incorporates recognizing the target audience and satisfying the needs and wants of that audience through products or services. Marketing is not just about selling and promoting your products but it mainly focuses on customer conversion and satisfaction.

Marketing is not just limited to customers; it is very important within the organization as well. Also, this area of the unit is what students find most difficult. If they are assigned an assignment related to this topic and don’t want to risk their grades, they can ask “do my assignment for me” from a reputable assignment service providing agency. Let’s have a look at how marketing is affiliated with other units within an organization.

Operation Department

This department of an organization is responsible for producing and delivering products or services. Here, marketing plays a vital role by providing details about customer choices, preferences, and demands to the operation department. Based on these needs and demands, the operation can meet the customers’ requirements more effectively.


Finance manages all the financial resources of an organization. Marketing is the main pillar of generating revenue for the organization. If marketing is done rightly, the company can meet its financial objective.

Human Resource

This department is responsible for talent hunting. They hire, train, and retain employees. Marketing promotes the culture and values of a brand which attract and retain employees.

Department of Research and Development

This department is responsible for enhancing existing products or creating new products with innovative ideas. Marketing brings a detailed report of customer insights, wants, demands, and preferences which proves to be helpful for R&D departments. 7 P’s of Marketing to Accomplish Business Objectives Businesses use these 7 marketing mixes to achieve their marketing goals. In this section, we will learn about different elements of marketing principles that help in achieving a brand’s objective.


This is the first principle of the marketing mix. The company produces products that meet the requirements and demands of the customer. This step includes packaging, designing, and production of a product. All of these things are done in a way that appeals to the target audience. Let us make you understand this concept with the help of an example. We all know Apple is a big name; what makes this brand distinctive from others is its premium quality products that are appealing in appearance and functionality as well.


This marketing mix principle sets a price for a product or service. This step is done by analysing the overall cost of production. The businesses also have to look into their competitors’ product prices. For example, Walmart reduces their prices every day which helps the customer to get affordable products as well as assists the company in achieving its objective. 3. Place

This principle ensures your product is available to the right people at the right time. This can be done when businesses utilize the right delivery channels. For example: If your product is related to a niche market, you cannot sell it in a slum area. So, it is necessary to understand and make your product available at the right time to the right people.


This principle is another crucial principle of the marketing strategy. Marketers used to build perception and awareness about their services and products among the people. This includes sales promotion, advertising, and personal selling to target the market. For example: Cadbury’s strong campaign has taken the company to the height of success.


This marketing mix is related to excellent customer service. Marketers ensure that they provide a healthy environment for their employees and train them to treat customers with respect and love. For example: McDonald’s focuses on employee training which helps the brand achieve its objective by offering unique food with excellent services.


This marketing principle is used to ensure that internal processes are working efficiently and effectively. This helps in improving quality and reducing costs. For example: Starbucks provides their customers with reliable and fast service which helps them to gain the trust of their customers.

Physical Evidence

To create a positive brand image, businesses open outlets that bring the physical environment to their customers. A good and cozy vibe store lets the customer enjoy their shopping in a comfortable environment.

So, this is detailed information about the 7 Ps of marketing. But if you still think doing this is an uphill task, then you can ask any assignment helper for marketing assignment help to get you through your important assignments.

How is marketing helpful in an organization?

Marketing is all about appealing to your customers through the promotion of your products and services. Creating an appropriate marketing plan can help you accelerate customer engagement and revenue. If you want to be effective in a marketing role, you need to learn new marketing strategies from time to time.

What is the role of the marketing mix in an organization?

The main purpose of the marketing mix is to look for the appropriate combination of product, price, place, and promotion. If these elements are combined in the right way, the company can maintain and achieve benefits over the competitors.

What are some of the best marketing strategies?

Below, we have listed some marketing strategies:
1. SEO
2. Email Marketing
3. SMS Marketing
4. Google Ads
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Podcast
7. Influencer Marketing
8. Social Media Marketing

Let Us Conclude

Lastly, this unit is a crucial module that covers important factors and concepts related to the marketing function and how it helps in achieving business objectives. The unit has explained to us about different marketing principles that can be utilized in an effective marketing plan. The unit also explains the interrelationships among the departments of the organization.

We hope this blog will help every student to complete their assignment and will also be helpful for them in the future when they enter the world of marketing.

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